Next Generation Machinery

Our goal is to power machines, vehicles and generators with clean energy, with the aim of reducing the negative impact of fossil fuels. Next Generation Machinery develops innovative solutions to run machines, vehicles and generators on clean energy. By intelligently using energy sources powered by methanol, we virtually eliminate fossil fuel emissions. An added benefit of methanol is that it is safer and easier to transport than hydrogen.

Our breakthrough solution for the construction and agricultural sectors is the Blue Box, which is powered by a methanol fuel cell. It provides a clean and safe energy source that is easy to transport. Methanol is a colorless, liquid fuel that can be produced from a variety of renewable sources such as biomass and waste. It has several key advantages over traditional fuels, including higher energy density and lower pollutant emissions.

At Next Generation Machinery, we believe we can make a difference to the world of tomorrow. We are committed to the sustainability of the construction and agriculture sectors because we believe there is significant potential for improvement in sustainability, emissions and clean energy.

About NGM

Our team of experts has extensive knowledge of sustainable technologies and possibilities, combined with a healthy dose of perseverance and West Frisian common sense. We bring you clean energy wherever you want it and whenever you want it!


Next Generation Machinery has several solutions for off-grid energy. We distinguish ourselves with unique solutions such as the Blue Box. It is the clean energy source for off-grid energy where a large amount of energy is needed. For the small consumer, we can provide mobile battery systems.


NGM also develops customer-specific machines and drives. With our multidisciplinary engineering team, we can solve complex problems. A good example is an electric driveline being developed for a caterpillar tractor of the KNRM.