Twin Track Bootwagen

Twin Track Boat Transporter

For the Dutch KNRM lifeboat station in the village of Blaricum, Next Generation Machinery has developed an unique vehicle called the Twin Track. The Twin Track is the first full electric boat transporter for the KNRM, it helps the KNRM reach it’s sustainability goals to reduce their carbon footprint by 90% in 2035.

This boat transporter has been developed to launch a Nikolaas class lifeboat from the lifeboat station of Blaricum. The lifeboat ‘Pieter Houbolt’ runs on a sustainable HVO100 fuel. The combination of the lifeboat and the transporter makes Blaricum the most sustainable KNRM lifeboat station.

KNRM – Challenging conditions

This vehicle has been developed to launch a lifeboat in very varying conditions. The location of the station is unique, the lake is relatively shallow. Normally the vehicle can launch the boat from the boat ramp, but  the water level can even be extremely low during certain wheater conditions. In this case the vehicle will drive into the lake until the lifeboat floats. This is not possible with a conventional tractor and trailer combination.

For the development of the vehicle there were a lot of consequences, the decision was made to develop a vehicle with 2 tracks, resulting in a low ground pressure. De tracks are mounted on a central rotation shaft, which makes it possible to driver over bumps and trough ditches in a controlled manner. 2 large tractor tires provide stability on the front side of the vehicle.

The front wheel steering is a passive mechanism, it trails the vehicle when the vehicle is steering. To prevent the wheel from flipping around, the FRACS system has been developed. FRACS stands for Forward Rearward Active Caster System. When the driving direction is switched around, first the front wheel is hydraulically flipped toward the correct trailing position. This is to prevent the vehicle to be temporary uncontrollable.

Twin Track Bootwagen
Twin Track Bootwagen

Maximum reliability

This vehicle must be able to work in all (weather) conditions. For this reason, all the components which are exposed to the outside air are IP67 water proof and can even be submerged for a small period. The enclosures are also IP67 to protect the controllers from water ingress.

The battery compartment has an integrated stand still heating to make sure the battery can always be used with maximum performance levels. A safety feature is included to prevent the vehicle from driving away while the fast charge cable is connected.

To protect the environment from possible spills, the hydraulic system works with biodegradable oil. Also the pivot points which require regular maintenance are greased with biodegradable grease.


  • 2 hydraulic driven tracks
  • 4 ton drawbar pull
  • Elektric hydraulic drive system
  • Proportional steering with 2-off electric motors
  • Extremely quiet and efficient system
  • Wireless radio remote control
  • IP67 water proof components
  • SIL 3 emergency circuit
  • 22kWh LFP battery pack
  • ±35kW peak power
  • Winch max capaciteit 3000kg
  • Hydraulic height adjustability of the rearward rollers.
  • Forward Rearward Active Caster System (FRACS)
  • 6 working lights, 1 beacon, 1  audio buzzer
Twin Track Bootwagen